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Eugene First

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Welcome to Eugene First! Who We Are A family of faith in many locations gathered by...


Welcome to Eugene First!

Who We Are

A family of faith in many locations gathered by God.

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Every person living in the Hope, Healing, and Wholeness of Jesus.

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Helping people Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference.

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Radical Generosity

Going out of our way to graciously give to others. 2 Corinthians 9:7 & Philippians 4

Relentless Hospitality

Loving strangers the way we want to be loved. Romans 12:13

River-Stepping Faith

Taking risks in response to God’s voice. Joshua 3

Our Ministries

eugenefirst kids

Here at Eugene First, our primary goal and desire is that all children, regardless of age or stage of development, know they are loved greatly by God! We endeavor to show all children God’s great love for them through providing a safe place for children to engage with God through the stories of God that we encounter in the Bible, God’s word to us. We believe in the importance and value of telling God’s great love story to children well. We tell this story through interactive games, crafts, activities, free play, and relationships that children build with one another and adults who reflect God’s love and care for them.

eugenefirst youth

We believe that real life happens when we have an authentic relationship with Jesus. We aspire to be like Jesus because in the process of seeking His heart, personal transformation takes place in our own lives. We pursue Jesus because He has overcome sin and given us NEW LIFE. Being a teenager is difficult. There are many frustrations and temptations that influence our young people on a day-to-day basis. Here at Eugene First, we want to provide a safe place for teens to generate and cultivate an authentic relationship with Christ, we also want to create a space for teens to support one another through the hardships in life. Lastly, it is our hearts desire to extend the hope, healing, and wholeness of Christ to those around us.

groups & classes

Getting connected here is easy! We offer weekly groups and classes that take place on Sunday mornings, and throughout the week! If you would like to speak with a leader about getting connected, contact us here or visit our groups page to sign up and learn more!


Iglesia Del Nazareno de Eugene
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Our Team

Pastor Jamie Decker
Children & Families Pastor

Belief | Positivity | Developer | Relator | Responsibility

Pastor Kylie Green
Engagement Pastor

Strategic | Includer | Empathy | Developer | Belief

Pastor Ryan Green
Lead Pastor

Ideation | Belief | Adaptability | Includer | Activator

Pastor Trevor Johnsen
Youth & Families Pastor

Includer | Relator | Developer | Positivity | Arranger

Pastor Julie O’Hara
Executive Pastor

Learner | Strategic | Responsibility | Intellection | Input

Pastor Bob Mitchell
Worship Pastor

Developer | Adaptability | Connectedness | Restorative | Belief

Pastor Elias Perez
Hispanic Ministries Pastor

Dave Doerksen

Maximizer | Context | Harmony | Achiever | Analytical

Micah Hudson
Facilities Manager

Adaptability | Consistency | Harmony | Deliberative | Relator

Brooke Marcois
Office & Facilities Assistant

Restorative | Empathy | Strategic | Relator | Learner

Glenn Powell
Tech Team Leader

Input | Belief | Learner | Connectedness | Individualization

Brenda Rowlison
Nursery Director

Harmony | Responsibility | Adaptability | Consistency | Maximizer

Sarah Schoenherr
Office Manager

Responsibility | Achiever | Deliberative | Belief | Discipline

Korte Zickefoose
Communications Coordinator

Individualization | Learner | Achiever | Deliberative | Discipline